NTCOSS has been involved in significant youth related work including advocacy and policy development. There are currently significant government initiatives and youth sector issues in the NT, such as the widely recognised need for a specialised youth justice system, the recent funding cuts to the Youth services sector,  the potential impact of Income management on young people, and the lack of AOD and mental health services specific to young people.

For a number of years, NTCOSS and the youth sector have called for funding for a youth peak in the NT, which continues to be the only jurisdiction without such a body. In the absence of a youth peak NTCOSS participates in some of the key groups to address the needs of children and young people.

These are:-

Central Australian Youth Justice (CAYJ)

CAYJ advocates for the rights of young people, both legal and social, in the Central Australian youth Justice system. CAYJ speaks out for, and supports, young people so that the broader community accepts collective responsibility for young people’s empowerment, well- being and human rights. The membership consists of NGOs who are working with young people and have a specific interest in addressing young people’s issues and needs.

  • CAYJ aims to address the overrepresentation  of children and young people in the criminal justice system
  • Establish links to other peak youth bodies to share and inform on key issues
  • Advocates for  fair and equitable justice processes and outcomes  for children and young people in the  Northern Territory

Youth Action Group

The Alice Springs Youth Action Group is a forum to bring together agencies responsible for the provision of services to young people and their families to a make a co-ordinated strategic response to issues for “at risk” young people in Alice Springs.
Provide advice to the Government about existing and potential initiatives that will improve the lives of young people and families in Alice Springs.

  • Provide a conduit for the two –way flow of information between the Government and the youth sector about youth policies and programs and their impact on young people in Alice Springs
  • Provide a forum for inter-agency co-operation and collaboration to minimize duplication between services and improve outcomes for young people
  • Provide a forum for debate, discussion and advocacy about effective strategies to address youth issues in Alice Springs

The membership is made up of managers and/or coordinators of Non –government  youth services .

Youth Services Alice Springs (YSAS)

The Youth Services Alice Springs (YSAS) forum was formed to enhance the collaboration between  Alice Springs service providers and improve the provision of services and programs for young people in Alice Springs.   YSAS meetings foster a strong and committed community and services partnership and seeks to:

  •  provide a forum where services for young people can inform and communicate in a collective and collaborative environment.
  • provide support, advice and information sharing on current programs, services and issues that affect young people
  • enable youth service providers in Alice Springs function in a combined approach to young people accessing services and programs to meet their needs and issues.
  • discuss current problems, challenges, and changes that effect programs and services for young people.
  • focus on any gaps in program and services for young people.

Government and non-Government staff working with young people and frontline youth workers can participate in these meetings.

Kelly Report Coordination of Youth Services in Alice Springs

Better Strategies Report

Youth Services Matrix


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