Generational Strategy

The Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT recommended the development of a 10-year Generational Strategy for Children and Families in the NT.


Royal Commission Recommendation 39.02:
Develop a 10-year Generational Strategy for Children and Families, to be led by the Chief Minister. This Strategy be based on the information gathered in the proposed studies and be overseen by the proposed Tripartite Forum and endorsed by the Children’s Sub-Committee of Cabinet. The Generational Strategy for Children and Families include a strategic framework to govern services for families and children based on local service delivery, covering service location, design, selection, development, delivery, funding and evaluation and:

  1. plans for the delivery through the Family Support Centres of core services available to all families and services targeting high risk cohorts and prevalent risk factors for involvement in the child protection system, and
  2. targets, benchmarks and outcome measures.

10-Year Generational Strategy

The vision for the Generational Strategy is to create a strategic framework that will drive the development and delivery of services for children and families. The Royal Commission recommended that the NT and Commonwealth Governments commit to a place-based approach in partnership with local communities.

The Tripartite Forum will oversee the development of the strategy, which will be undertaken by a working group consisting of 8 members (4 from the Commonwealth and NT Governments and 4 NGO peak bodies – NAAJA, APONT and NTCOSS).

At the May 2020 Tripartite Forum meeting an outline schema was agreed to in principle. This schema incorporated recommendations from the recent Productivity Commission Study into Expenditure on Children in the NT. The Schema is available in the Tripartite Forum Communique and reproduced below.

The Generational Strategy is planned to be completed by September 2021. The NGO representatives on the working group will be developing a consultation plan and seeking input from the community sector in the coming months.

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