Transport issues affect all Territorians, and cut across all community service sectors and impact all geographical areas – urban, regional and remote. Being one of the most sparsely populated places on the planet makes provision of transport a highly complex and costly task for the NT.

There are a range of barriers to access to transport, such as the cost, availability and physical access issues. All of these impact greatly on the ability of people to access work, health, other essential services, and recreational and social activities. Basically without access to good and inexpensive transport, it is very hard to fully participate in society.

Media Releases

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Transport and Mobility in Tennant Creek and the Barkly – December 2012. A paper about transport and mobility issues in Tennant Creek and the surrounding region by David Denmark from Transport Planning and Management. Written as part of the NTCOSS Tennant Creek Community Transport Project. For further information visit:

Fair Transport – How Do We Get There? a Paper prepared by Jonathan Pilbrow (Central Australian Coordinator (NTCOSS) & Jodie Satour (Social Work Student, Deakin University, on placement with NTCOSS)

‘Transporting the Territory’ – Beyond Peripherary Symposium in Darwin 2010 –Powerpoint PresentationTransport Paper

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