Youth Voices Amplified Through New Project

More than $800,000 will be dedicated to amplifying the voices of young people, with the Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS) to receive $170,000 in grant funding each year for the next five years to deliver the NT Youth Voice Project.

The project will strengthen the ability of young people to have their say in the development of policies and strategies that impact them directly.

It will assist young people and youth representative bodies to inform, participate and advocate at the highest level of decision-making, and is a critical step to ensuring young people are represented at that level.

NTCOSS will support youth service providers through the coordination of training and networking opportunities, increasing their capability to deliver better services for young people.

Key aspects of the project include:

  • Working with young people, government and the youth sector to capture and share the positive and diverse voices of young people in the Territory;
  • Engaging with the youth sector to help support its development;
  • Actively seeking youth input into policy and reform through improved consultation and engagement; and
  • Representing issues and opportunities relating to young people to the Northern Territory and Australian governments.  

NTCOSS is an established leader in the sector and is well-placed to facilitate youth participation in decision-making.  The organisation’s expertise will be a valuable asset.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Youth, Lauren Moss

“As a former chair of the Youth Round Table, I have an absolute appreciation for how important it is for Governments and all levels of decision-makers to be actively seeking out opinions from our young people, to be listening and to be using this to inform policy and programs.

“It is critical that we increase opportunities and strengthen the mechanisms by which young people can be heard.

“I am proud to be part of a Territory Labor Government that is committed to providing that opportunity.”

Quotes attributable to NTCOSS CEO, Deborah Di Natale

“NTCOSS has been lobbying for increased representation of young people and the youth sector across the NT.  Now, thanks to the Northern Territory Government, we have dedicated support for this work.

“This project will amplify the voices of 15-24 year old Territorians and people in the youth sector so they can engage in the development of government policies and strategies affecting them.

“Youth Voice will be a one stop shop for information and opportunities.  It will connect young people and the youth sector across the NT, to speak with a unified voice to governments, to identify opportunities for participation and leadership, and to promote solutions informed by young people and the youth sector.”

Quotes attributable to NT Youth Round Table representative, Alicia Kuroda-Metin

“The NTCOSS Youth Voice Project will create and support youth empowerment.

“It is brilliant that the Government is recognising the power of youth voices. 

“Initiatives like these encourage and remind us that we are heard and are important in the Territory.”