The NT Council of Social Service Inc. (NTCOSS) is proud to have been a part of developing the NTCOSS Child and Family Wellbeing Framework.

This framework has been the result of over 18 months of consultation across the Northern Territory including focus groups, forums, group and individual meetings with key stakeholders.     Some of these were led by NTCOSS but others were led by member organisations who all had the same commitment to the project. I want to thank all of those who contributed their time, expertise and resources, and in particular NTCOSS would like to acknowledge and thank Jenny Scott and PiC for their assistance in this project.

We have developed this framework because we want to see a better outcome for children and families in the NT. We believe it needs to be a coordinated system and one that starts well before a child is identified as ‘at risk’. A whole of government approach to this, at both a Commonwealth and NT level is needed.

We hope this will generate discussion and lead to a change in the way we respond to our children and their families. We also hope it will bring about positive change, a better future and a stronger society.