About Sector Support

In moving towards a fair, inclusive and sustainable Northern Territory, the role of NTCOSS sector support is to value, promote and develop the capacity of non-government not for profit organisations to provide assistance to vulnerable Territorians and to contribute to policy making on sector issues.

NTCOSS supports a strong and sustainable social and community services sector by consulting with the sector to research, develop and then represent the needs of their client groups.  NTCOSS identifies and assists the sector to meet reforms in legislation, social policy and operational documents that relate to how the community sector is governed and operates. NTCOSS also works in building organisations capacity to provide high quality services by facilitating development and providing resources, information and advice. Key areas of work are:

  • Providing leadership for the community sector to positively influence the policy framework and structural changes affecting the sector;
  • Positioning and promoting the sector to increase it’s collective influence and improve recognition of the contribution to society;
  • Promoting real community engagement across NT Government;
  • Lobbying  for adequate funding and effective service agreements and reporting on the impact of any changes;
  • Disseminating information and resources to the community sector workforce;
  • Facilitate networking, development and training opportunities for the community sector workforce;
  • Provide organisational specific support to organisations including new peak bodies;
  • Promoting the sectors standards and developing organisations capacity for quality improvements, accountability and consumer participation.

NTCOSS can assist with:

  • Workforce planning and development
  • Workforce recruitment and retention strategies
  • Policy and procedures development
  • Incorporation and associated responsibilties
  • Research, resources and tools
  • Referrals and link up to professional services

NTCOSS also delivers group training in response to sector need and facilitates the community sector manager’s skill swap meetings every two months.

For more information, please contact Janine Sims, Sector Support Coordinator [email protected]