About Our Sector

The Community Sector is made up of a range of community managed and Non-Government organisations who work in social services. This includes aged care, people with disabilities, children’s services, services for women, family and youth services, health services, alcohol and other drug services, mental health services, community based legal services, community based employment and education services, services for people from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds, housing services and services for homeless people, Indigenous organisations and community councils, as well as other peak and resource bodies.

The Community Sector has a critical role to play in both social and economic development in the Northern Territory.

The Community Sector plays a vital role in our communities in creating social wellbeing for all Territorians and in creating safe and healthy communities. The sector provides services that enable people to participate in education, employment, economic development, family and community life. They assist individuals and families who are in crisis situations, and address social and health factors which prevent family breakdown and young people being placed in care. The Community Sector is working towards quality of life for all Territorians.

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