NTCOSS Submissions

NTCOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21

The NTCOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21 outlines the policy, funding and legislative actions that NTCOSS recommends the Northern Territory Government takes as part of the 2020-21 Northern Territory Budget. We are advocating for change across nine key areas: Child and...

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NTCOSS Submission to Victims of Crime Reform

This submission highlights the need for reform to improve outcomes for victims of crime in the NT. NTCOSS recommends the adoption of a number of key principles throughout the reforms which underpin an effective victims of crime support system: Engagement with victims...

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NTCOSS Submission on NT Budget Repair

This submission is brief and general in terms. NTCOSS looks forward to commenting on specific proposals when the panel’s final report is released in March 2019. The submission can be read in full here. Supplementary information can be read here.

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