The State of the Community Sector: Findings from the 2021 Northern Territory Community Sector Workforce Survey

Released Monday 22 November 2021

The Community Sector plays a vital role in creating social wellbeing for all Territorians and in building safe and healthy communities by providing services that enable people to access and participate in health services, education, employment, economic development, family and community life.

NTCOSS is pleased to present the findings from the 2021 Northern Territory Community Sector Workforce Survey. The Workforce Survey gives NTCOSS the opportunity to collect and analyse data on the community sector in the NT, providing a snapshot of the different organisations operating in the region and their staff.

The findings from the Workforce Survey will help NTCOSS to identify workforce trends and inform future sector support activities. Some of the key findings from the Workforce Survey include:

  • The community sector has a highly qualified workforce, with 86% of employees and 97% of managers surveyed having completed either a tertiary or vocational qualification.
  • 37% of both employees and managers indicated they are considering leaving their current role, emphasising that staff retention remains a priority issue for the community sector. 
  • A higher rate of pay, greater access to professional development, the opportunity to vary working hours and increased support such as supervision were identified by respondents as areas that could help improve retention.
  • Difficulties recruiting appropriately trained staff and funding security were identified as the biggest issues facing community sector managers.
  • 34% of employees experience barriers in accessing training and professional development.
  • Community sector employers need to gain a better understanding of workforce wellbeing and the ways in which organisational leadership can build and maintain the wellbeing of their employees.

NTCOSS sincerely thanks the community sector workers who took the time to complete the survey and share it with their networks.

Read the Workforce Survey factsheet here

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