Northern Territory Community Sector Workforce Survey 2019

The Community Sector is a large and important part of the NT. It provides services that improve the lives of many Territorians. Members of the Community Sector range from small groups to very large and complex organisations, that work in social and community service delivery, sector development and advocacy.

The Community Sector plays a vital role in creating social well-being for all Territorians and in building safe and healthy communities by providing services that enable people to access and participate in health services, education, employment, economic development, family and community life.

The Northern Territory Community Sector Workforce Survey 2019  is an opportunity for NTCOSS to collect and analyse data relating to the Community Sector in the NT, providing a snapshot of the different organisations working across the region and their staff. The Workforce Survey will assist NTCOSS to identify workforce trends and inform future sector support activities. Some survey results highlight:

  • Overall the Community Sector has a highly qualified workforce. The majority of staff who responded to the survey have attained higher education or vocational training.
  • The majority of respondents identified that they had been working in the Community Sector for upwards of 5 years, a similar result from the 2012 Workforce Survey.
  • 54% of employees surveyed stated they were considering leaving their current role within the next 12 months, emphasising the need to focus on staff retention within the Community Sector.
  • Social and emotional well-being and management practices were identified by employees and managers as key areas that can improve workplace well-being and retention.
  • Funding security was identified as the biggest issue facing managers in the Community Sector.
  • Developing, supporting and sustaining the Community Sector workforce continues to challenge the Sector.

NTCOSS thanks the Community Sector workers who took the time to complete the survey.

Read the full survey report here:    NT Community Sector Workforce Survey 2019