Media Release: NTCOSS welcomes NT Budget in tough economic times

03/05/17 | Media Releases

The Budget handed down by Treasurer Manison today includes some significant investments, across a number of areas, targeted at disadvantaged Territorians.


Investments in jobs, infrastructure and the Department of Territory Families – which includes an increased focus on Out of Home Care, family support, youth justice, and domestic and family violence – are particularly welcomed. 

NTCOSS believes these investments over time will help to address some Territorians’ concerns around safety, anti-social behaviour and child welfare, as well as the underlying social issues that can have devastating long-term impacts on individuals, families, and the wider community. 

Clarification is needed about the decrease in alcohol treatment spending and the projected increase in demand for both NGO and government alcohol services, as the Budget shows a drop in funding in this area.

NTCOSS calls on the Northern Territory Government to invest additional resources to fund the implementation of recommendations that come out of the upcoming Alcohol Review.

Given the long-term and entrenched nature of the social issues faced by some Territorians, the NTG’s commitment to investment needs to continue in forthcoming budgets. This will allow sufficient time and resources for successful delivery of evidence-informed services and programs that sustain positive change into the future.

NTCOSS also welcomes investment in innovative approaches, but these must be evaluated throughout the life of the program to ensure that appropriate key indicators are being achieved. 

NTCOSS acknowledges the significant investment in infrastructure to maintain and create jobs across the Northern Territory. Secure and stable employment has a significant impact on health and well-being, and as such NTCOSS encourages the NTG to prioritise jobs for long-term unemployed people.


For further information/media comment: 
Wendy Morton – NTCOSS Executive Director  0418 482 660