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Position Summary:

·           The coordination of Aged Care services delivered in the NT.  This includes Centre Based Respite, Cottage Respite, Flexible Respite that is funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Fee for Service.

·           Oversee support workers matched to deliver services.

·           Under the guidance of the Manager – Aged Care Services ensure that Aged Care programs are delivered within a consumer directed care framework with a focus on outcomes developed in collaboration with the individual client.

·           Conducting assessment, care planning, and review of clients eligible for services under the Carers NT Aged Care programs.

·            Ensuring all activities and planning relating to clients individual identified goals and skills contained in their care plan are delivered within the review period.

·           Ensuring delivery of services to the client are undertaken in a way that respects the dignity, privacy, independence and cultural aspects of the client.

Lead by example by modelling the values, attitudes and behaviour associated with the position at all times.


Position Responsibilities

The Team Leader is responsible for:

·         Supporting the Manager – Aged Care Services with the progression of Carers NT strategic plan.

·         Identifying quality improvements for efficient operation of Aged Care Services by reviewing operational procedures, recommendation for changes and contributing to the process for changes to Policy and Procedures in relation to Funding Agreements and organisational change.

·         Ensure services are delivered in line with the CHSP Manual

·         Utilising a wellness approach ensure the delivery of services in a consumer direction model of service delivery that focuses on a client’s life goals and strengths and supports the maintenance or restoration of the client’s independence.

·         Assessment client’s eligibility for service provision.

·         Ensuring relevant information is gathered, identifying the needs of clients and then being attentive to matching with the best-suited support worker for delivery of services.

·         Overseeing the day-to-day delivery of service provision in the Centre Based, Cottage respite and Flexible Respite programs.

·         Monitoring monthly expenditure against budgets within the Aged Care services Programs.

·         Completing client reviews and evaluation of client’s progress toward expected outcomes

·         The coordination of Cottage respite to ensure successful outcomes, including meeting expected output of the program, coordination of house booking, shopping, activity planning and collating of documentation pre and post respite.

·         Supporting the Manager Carer Services with Internal and external reporting obligations in line with Funding Agreements and organisational needs.

·         Completion HR reviews for reporting workforce members

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