Forster Foundation for Drug Rehabilitation - Banyan House


Assessment Reports

Provides assessment reports on request for lawyers and the Parole Board in relation to people undertaking the Drug Diversion Program.


Banyan House Rehabilitation Service

Provides accommodation in a residential therapeutic community that offers treatment & rehabilitation services for individuals recovering from alcohol & drug addictions and any co-occurring mental health disorders.


Drug Diversion Program

Provides assessment, counselling, education and treatment services for adults and young people diverted to the program by police at the initial apprehension stage. The Program maximises opportunities for early intervention with illicit drug users.

Parents’ & Children’s Program

Accommodation is provided in a residential drug rehabilitation program for parents experiencing problems with alcohol or other drugs and for their children 12 years old or under. Children accompany their parents to the Program. The Program is run concurrently with Banyan House Rehabilitation Service.