Northern Territory Council of Social Service


A directory for the general public and workers to access up-to-date listing of community sector social services available in the Northern Territory.

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After-School Care

After-school care is available for local indigenous primary school and secondary-school children.


Provides Centrelink services for the local indigenous community.


Community Development Employment Program(CDP)

Provides unemployed indigenous adults and young people 15 years old or over with employment placement and skillsacquisition including accredited training and links toapprenticeships and traineeships.

Employment projects and activities are chosen by localindigenous communities or distinct groups of indigenouspeople within a community.

The training wage received by participants is equivalent to the appropriate unemployment benefit.



Provides child care for local indigenous infants and preschool children.


Delivered Meals (HACC) (Meals on Wheels)

Three meals a day are delivered at low cost to those who would otherwise be nutritionally at risk, including the frail aged and people with disabilities. The service particularly assists indigenous families.


Home Care Services (HACC)

Home Care services are available for frail elderly, incapacitated or ill residents and those with disabilities to help with household duties including cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, wood collection and shopping. The service particularly assists indigenous people.


School Nutrition Program

A nutritious breakfast and lunch are provided for localindigenous primary-school and secondary-school children.


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