Northern Territory Council of Social Service


A directory for the general public and workers to access up-to-date listing of community sector social services available in the Northern Territory.

Region Serviced
Disability Accessible
Interpreter services available
Aboriginal Controlled Organisation
NDIS Registered
Eligibility criteria
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
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Community Housing is offered in Alice Springs for people on low to moderate incomes. Located at Bloomfield Street, the housing complexes include two-bedroom units that are available to rent.

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The NT Housing Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) provides support to people with a mental illness who currently live in Department of Housing and Community Development accommodation. HASI assists participants to maintain their tenancy and also provides psychosocial support to help participants develop life skills that will improve their quality of life.

Referrals are through the Top End Mental Health Service (TEMHS) or the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Provides Housing via a waiting list. Not emergency housing. Targeted to working aboriginal people and/orAboriginal Seniors over 50.

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Our job is to support anyone that is experiencing mental health distress.  This includes both the person that is experiencing mental health issues as well as their family and friends who are providing support both emotionally or practically.

We understand that talking to someone can be very difficult, but we are here to listen and to provide you with emotional and practical supports that will help find the best solution for all of you.


Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia (WoSSCA) provides a range of support for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. The services include emergency accommodation, outreach support, court support and counselling.

Outreach Support

Provides outreach support for women and their children escaping domestic violence.

Supported Refuge Accommodation

Supported accommodation is available for women and their children escaping domestic violence. Counselling, assistance in gaining access to financial supportand referral to health and long-term housing services are also A children’s support worker is available. Twenty-four-hour contact is available.

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The Sunrise Centre Homeless Program

The workers at Sunrise help people re-connect with their community through introducing them to friendship and activity groups. They help them find long term accommodation, identify participant finanace concerns, organise government income entitlements and identify a local medical practice they can rely on, among many other things, such as advocacy and referrals.

All of this is vital to a person’s rehabilitation and re-introduction to their community. Being on the street or ‘couch surfing’ for an extended period of time makes people feel very isolated, so it’s important that they have all the knowledge and tools they need to stand on their own, when they are ready to leave the centre.

The Sunrise Homeless Program accommodates 30 single homeless people year round. Each person gets their own room with a bed, wardrobe, chair and desk, and adjoining bathroom. The typical length of stay is three months during which each person receives intensive assistance from a professional case worker.

The goal of each case worker is to fully understand the reasons for each person’s homelessness and develop a strategy for future accomodation and support options.

Services Available

  • Accommodation for singles 18 years or over
  • Referrals can be made by self or any agency
  • A caseworker is available for support and practical assistance.
  • The case worker can help with referrals and contact with other organisations
  • As we are a  temporary accommodation provider, the maximum stay is for 3 months
  • We can make referrals to assist you in finding more permanent accommodation

We Provide:

  • 30 short term accommodation beds
  • Residents have their own bedroom and a bathroom.
  • Case Worker Assistance
  • Advocacy, Practical & Emotional Support


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Towards Independence Top End 


  • Confidential, transitional housing and outreach support program that can assist families to move from a crisis situation to living independently in their community
  • Families are referred from other Salvation Army services and various community organizations
  • Eligibility is determined through meeting with families and discussing their situation


  • Offer transitional housing
  • Provide ongoing regular outreach support
  • Assist families with their physical and material needs
  • Assist in the development of a support plan
  • Provide referrals to other services (eg. Children’s services, counselling, legal services)
  • Help to secure permanent housing
  • Talk to other services on your behalf
  • Provide guidance to appropriate life skills (eg. Parenting, budgeting, cooking etc)
  • Access to support networks, home visits, recreational activities and social events.
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Domestic Violence

At least 23% of Australian women have survived instances of domestic/ family violence; the Australian Bureau of Statistics puts the number at 2.2 million women. Family violence occurs when individuals misuse their power within an intimate relationship. Abuse can be physical, sexual, psychological, verbal, social and financial. The vast majority of perpetuatrors are male.

Each year The Salvation Army assists more than 2000 women who have survived family violence. Below is how we assist in the Northern Territory.

Catherine Booth House

Catherine Booth House is Darwin’s safe refuge for women who are being affected by domestic and family violence.

Staff members there support these women through crisis accommodation and intensive case management. They have also been working especially hard to ensure that there is more awareness surrounding the impact of Domestic and Family violence in the NT.

In recent weeks Catherine Booth House have had several success stories in which they have enabled women to walk away from domestic violence to become survivors, not victims. Now, they are intent on restoring their clients self-esteem through engaging programs that they hope will return them to an independence they had previously lost.

Catherine Booth House Provides…

A safe place for women 18 years and over, from all cultural backgrounds, who are experiencing crisis/homelessness a safe place to live.

Our services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We have Care Workers and a Coordinator available during these hours offering advice and services.

We can accomodate up to 7 women in a share situation.

Services include:

  • Crisis Accomodation
  • Support
  • Meals
  • Advocacy
  • Information

We can assist you in gaining referals top appropriate services such as:

  • Domestic Violence Councelling
  • Domestic violence restraining orders
  • Centrelink
  • Immigration
  • Alcohol rehabilitation services
  • Drug rehabilitation services
  • Legal support
  • Medical attention
  • Assistance to retrieve personal belongings
Contact Us

Please call (08) 8981 5928 for information.

Our after hours number is 0428 590 944.

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Red Shield Hostel Darwin

The Red Shield Hostel provides short to 6 month accommodation for singles over 18 who are at risk of homelessness. Residents have access to our Street 2 Home, Door Ways and Positive Lifestyle programs all designed to assist people back into mainstream society and out of poverty.

Red Shield Housing Services:

  • Budget priced single rooms for vulnerable singles over 18 who are deemed to be at risk of homelessness.
  • All rooms are accessed via internal staircases
  • There are no lifts in the building
  • Bookings can be made between 8:30am and 4pm daily
  • Rent is payable in advance, we do not give credit
  • Promotes a drug-free, alcohol-free, and violence-free environment
  • Guests are required to observe hostel rules
  • No pets allowed

Single Rooms

  • Rooms are available on a 6 month basis.
  • Rooms are fan cooled and contain a single bed, table, chair, storage cupboards and small fridge
  • Hostel staff service all rooms on a weekly basis and provide fresh linen
  • Communal kitchen, male and female amenities are located on each level of the building
  • Coin operated laundry is located on the ground floor

Street2Home Case Management Program

As part of the Red Shield Hostels commitment to empowering clients, we offer a case management program called Street2Home.

What can you expect?

  • Weekly meetings with your case worker, and more frequently if required.
  • Help with establishing goals in your life and support from your case worker to acheive these
  • Encouragement to particiapte in programs run by other organisations
  • Support from your case worker to take initiative and be self supported
  • Regular social outings and involvement in cultural activities
  • Assistance completing applications and referrals for other helpful services
  • Understanding when things might not go as planned

What do we expect from you?

  • Commitment to attend weekly meetings with your case worker
  • Honesty when discussing current situations
  • A willingness to complete and submit a Territory Housing application
  • An attitude of willingness and self betterment
  • Evidence of making progress and achieving your goals
  • Respect, for yourself and others

For more information please call (08) 8981 5994



Practical assistance in times of crisis……and beyond

Doorways is the entry point; come in and get some support from The Salvation Army.

Doorways is a safe place….
a place where you are respected,
a place where we listen,
a place where you can talk things through,
a place where people care
and a place of hope…

How can Doorways help?

If you need support Doorways exists for you.
Do you need help to get food?
Are you having trouble paying your electricity and water?
Can we help you develop a budget?
Talk it through at Doorways; see if we can help you.
Together we can work through the issues to come up with some suggested solutions.



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The Salvation Army’s primary motivation in providing practical social service comes from a spiritual base: its first purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus with people of all ages.

Every weekend church services at The Salvation Army Darwin Corps endeavour to lead people into worship and present the message of Jesus Christ.

All the elements in the service work together and we use a variety of means to communicate the Gospel message through music (traditional and contemporary), drama, and the Bible message.

Prison Visitor Transport Salvo Shuttle

We offer transport for visitors to the prison on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a $3-$5 donation.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


Practical assistance in times of crisis……and beyond

Doorways is the entry point; come in and get some support from The Salvation Army.

Doorways is a safe place….
a place where you are respected,
a place where we listen,
a place where you can talk things through,
a place where people care
and a place of hope…

How can Doorways help?

If you need support Doorways exists for you.
Do you need help to get food?
Are you having trouble paying your electricity and water?
Can we help you develop a budget?
Talk it through at Doorways; see if we can help you.
Together we can work through the issues to come up with some suggested solutions.

Positive Action Planning

We can set up a plan and work with you to help get you closer to the point in life where you feel safe, involved, happy, productive, respected and valued.

Find your Doorway to a brighter future and unlock hope



Aherlkeme Development Centre (also known as Percy Court) in Alice Springs provides accommodation and access to support services for Territorians who are homeless or at risk. The Northern Territory Government has partnered with Mission Australia to provide transitional accommodation and support services with the goal of improving individual’s and families’ access to secure tenancies in either private or public markets. Aherlkeme Development Centre case workers also support people for six to 12 months, with the expectation they will move into long-term accommodation after adjusting to town living.


Stuart Lodge is a specialist homelessness service in Alice Springs for individuals and families who are at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness. A range of support is available to people who need to access short term accommodation. Our kitchen also serves three healthy and nutritious meals every day for a small cost. Individuals are offered wraparound services to support their specific needs and goals. Case management is offered to all visitors and residents to provide pathways towards securing long-term sustainable accommodation.


Support Services involves providing case management to at-risk public housing clients for up to 12 months. Clients are supported to achieve outcomes that lead to successful, sustainable public housing tenancies that result in reducing preventable exits from public housing and homelessness. Intensive support is provided to vulnerable at-risk clients whose personal circumstances are impacting on their ability to sustain a long term tenancy.


MASA is a managed and supported accommodation service for men and women over 18 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We provide accommodation, case management and linkages to other key services. The program creates an environment where clients can develop skills for independence and then transition into long term tenancies.


Crisis Accommodation (NAHA)

Short-term accommodation is available for women and their children in crisis or escaping domestic violence.



Counselling is available for indigenous women and children. Support and referral are also provided for those experiencing domestic violence. After-hours contact is available.

Crisis Accommodation

Crisis accommodation is available for homeless indigenous women & children and for those escaping domestic violence and sexual assault. After-hours contact is available.

Information & Support

Information, referral and support are available for indigenous women and their children.

Support and referral are also provided for those experiencing domestic violence. After-hours contact is available.


ASYASS believes that all people have a right to secure, appropriate and affordable housing. Many young people are often disadvantaged in their access to housing through factors such as inexperience, family crisis and breakdown, financial insecurity and community prejudice.

Youth Housing

The Youth Housing Program Provides semi-independent accommodation (up to 12 months) to young people 16-21yo. The ASYASS Housing Program currently manages these properties are located across Alice Springs. The housing program offers young people, who are unable to reside with family, through case management the opportunity to re-engage with education, training or to gain employment, as well as to develop and strengthen life skills (including living skills) required to establish themselves independently. Where appropriate ASYASS also supports and encourages involvement with family.

Crisis Youth Refuge

Provides safe supported accommodation for young men and women, 15-17yo, inclusive 24 hrs/7days a week. Accommodation can be provided for one night up to 3 months. During their stay at ASYASS Youth Refuge, young people will also be provided supported though case management (where appropriate).

Young people will also be supported to:

  • identify and work towards their goals;

  • address their health, education and income needs;

  • develop appropriate life skills

  • (re)engage with family (where appropriate); and

  • Access long term accommodation where necessary

The Youth Refuge provides safe supported accommodation for young men and women, 15 – 17 years, inclusive 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Accommodation can be provided for one night or up to 3 months.

Ampe Akweke (pronounced – umba kooka) “Little Babies Place”

Ampe Akweke is a place for single young women / mothers Program 14-23 years of age. Ampe akweke offers both outreach support and residential support, if the single young women / mothers have no where suitable and safe to stay. Young women can stay in the safe house for up to 3 months. Ampe akweke works with the young women to ensure they have theirs, their unborn child or their babies health needs met. Ampe akweke family support workers provide parenting education and support as well as case management to all young women accessing the program.

Emergency Relief Program

ASYASS administers Emergency Relief funds to young people who find themselves needing financial assistance in the form of:

  • purchase vouchers of a fixed value (e.g for food, clothes)
  • assistance to obtain appropriate forms of identification
  • material assistance such as blankets, clothing or school needs
  • appropriate referrals to other services that help to address underlying causes of financial crisis

This Program is administered from our office located at 12 Undoolya Road

Resource Centre

This program is a hub for information, training, life skills development, advocacy and support.  More than just a drop in centre, a calendar of training and activities is provided monthly.

Support workers are available to young people who are not necessarily in our other programs.  Outreach and emergency support are provided through this service and they provide linkages to other services.

They can be assisted to do their laundry, have a shower, assisted with food, clothing and medical needs.

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Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation (LNAC) is a large, progressive and professional Aboriginal organisation with a dual purpose: It is the representative organisation for the Larrakia people, the traditional owners of Darwin and is also a major service provider for Aboriginal people in the region.

LNAC is a dynamic, membership-based organisation, and a major Aboriginal service delivery and business development organisation in the areas of:

  • community services
  • homelessness support
  • land and sea monitoring
  • management and arts, culture and knowledge.
Aged & Disability Support Services

Larrakia Nation Aged Care Service is an approved provider of Aged Care Services for the Commonwealth Department of Health.  Our primary focus is to assist our clients in living stronger, living longer. We do this by focusing on working with individuals and their strengths, capacity and goals to enable them to remain living independently and safely in their home.

Tenancy Support

Provides life-skills training for tenants in areas such as budgeting, money & debt management, renters’ rights & responsibilities and household safety to enable them to retain tenancies and maintain healthy places to live.

Return to Country (RTC)

Provides information, referral, proof of identification documents, and return-to-country flights for indigenous people returning to their communities.

The office also finds short-term accommodation for indigenous people who are living in or visiting Darwin.

Health Engagement & Assistance in the Long Grass (HEAL) Program

Provides practical support for homeless and houseless indigenous people in order to improve their health and wellbeing. Programs include Grass Buddies and Arts in the Grass.

Larrakia Assist & Night Patrol

Our Night Patrol service runs three vehicles, seven nights a week, looking after Aboriginal people in Darwin and Palmerston. We provide early intervention to remove people from danger and keep them safe. We resolve disputes using culture and mediation.

Larrakia Outreach & Transport Service

An outreach intervention, prevention and transport service for indigenous people who are homeless, itinerant or living in the long grass. Transport is provided to enable people to attend medical appointments, Centrelink offices, other welfare services and the airstrip for return-to-country flights.

Youth Patrol

Our Youth Patrol is a new initiative funded in Night Patrol. Operating a bus with the same times and contact number as Night Patrol, we take young people home so they get to bed to be ready for school the next day. We work closely with local youth centres to deliver this service and we encourage any young people needing transport home at night to call us on 1800 101 645

Larrakia Rangers

Provide conservation and land management services including erosion control, feral animal & weed control, board walk construction, turtle rescue, fencing, marine surveys and water quality testing.

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CASA provides a range of living options for people with an intellectual disability including variety of transitional living options, short term respite placements, training and development within areas specific to client needs and a variety of permanent and independent supported accommodation options for people with an intellectual disability.

Independent Living Options

A support program to assist adults with intellectual disabilities to live independently in their own housing.

Respite Service

A respite service for clients in order to assist families andcarers of adults with intellectual disabilities.

Supported Accommodation Options

Provides supported accommodation options for adults withintellectual disabilities. Group-home and independent-living options are available.

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MHACA is a not for profit specialist mental health service providing psycho-social support services and educational programs aimed at enhancing the mental health and well-being of people living in Central Australia.

We offer a range of services which aim to facilitate wellness for a diverse range of individuals living with mental illness or going through mental distress.

MHACA provides psychosocial support services, NDIS support coordination and services, individual and group-based supports, educational and training programs and a Drop-in centre.

MHACA can help people with a diagnosed mental illness with:

  • Building daily living skills
  • Increasing physical health and wellbeing
  • Being confident in the community
  • Managing mental health conditions
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