A directory for the general public and workers to access up-to-date listing of community sector social services available in the Northern Territory.

Region Serviced
Disability Accessible
Interpreter services available
Aboriginal Controlled Organisation
NDIS Registered
Eligibility criteria
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
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This service works with prisoners who are due for release within three months and need assistance to re-integrate into the Darwin and Alice Springs communities. After the individual has been released, we provide case-management support while they re-establish themselves in the community. This can help to reduce the likelihood of re-offending. Caseworkers facilitate the reintegration for adults exiting the prisons and young people exiting juvenile detention with a focus on life skills, training, employment and tenancy support.

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The Elders Visiting Program Support provides an opportunity for Elders to participate in, and promote more community involvement / input into a prisoner’s preparation for release. The program provides an opportunity for Elders to emphasise ‘mediated release’ and engage with community members and, where appropriate, have those community members attend mediated discussions with the offenders, in preparation for their release and return to community.

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Saltbush Social Enterprises (Saltbush) is a not-for-profit organisation that was developed in response to the critical need for opportunities that create prosperity parity for marginalised Australians in the Northern Territory (NT).
We put Indigenous people at the centre of our organisation because we know we cannot achieve employment parity until all people have equal employment opportunities. Our motto is a person with a job is a person with a future. We strive to break down barriers that others do not experience by taking a ‘boots on the ground’ approach.
All programs and activities we deliver including Supported Bail Accommodation, Employment Services, Saltbush Wellbeing Program, and our Accelerated Aboriginal Chefs of Excellence (AACE) have an underlining focus on helping participants with employment opportunities.
Our strength is our unique mentoring product where our focus is to specialise in empowering Indigenous and other marginalised Territorian jobseekers to develop life skills and basic employability skills moving them along the continuum and then connect them to education and employment for a rewarding, meaningful and sustainable working life.
Saltbush also provide counselling.

The Women of Worth (WoW) program provides 6 months pre- and 12 months post-release support to women involved in the justice system. The aim of the program is to empower women involved in the justice system to implement positive lifestyle changes. WoW focuses on providing clients with strength-based case management support, learning opportunities to develop skills and capacity to reduce reoffending as well as practical assistance to reengage with the community.

At Darwin Correctional Centre (DCC), WoW staff members provide psycho-social education and accredited training programs to incarcerated women. The group learning program at DCC covers a range of topics addressing social skills, personal development, parenting skills and life skills.

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Somerville Community Services is a non-government, not-for-profit youth, family and community welfare organisation. Somerville prioritises and advocates for access to resources that will help disadvantaged Territorians to improve their circumstances and provide essential services to the community.  Moving Forward has 8 modules which cover the following subjects:  Smart Money 1 – Budget and savings; Housekeeping Tips and Tricks; Smart Money 2 -Credit and Debt Management; Self Care Tips for your Mind, Body and Soul; Smart Money 3 – A roof overhead-Sustainable Tenancy; Creative Shopping Tips and Tricks; Tips and Tricks to finding and sustaining employment and training; Tips and Tricks of Parenting.

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Anglicare NT manages Prison Chaplaincy services in Darwin and Alice Springs on behalf of the Northern Territory Council of Churches.

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OutCARE supports people leaving prison to rebuild their lives, reconnect with family and work towards a positive future. This includes helping with immediate practical needs on release, linking with employment, training and community supports and exploring longer term goals.


Wurli Community Services

Wurli provides a range of community services to Aboriginal people living in Katherine and 40 km radius.

Clients can ‘walk in’ at any time during operating hours, but if clients prefer, the clinic also operates an appointment system for current clients.

Access to all clinical services is improved by our transport service, which can collect clients from anywhere within 40 kilometres of Katherine. Wurli will send out reminder letters and messages to you and family when due for an appointment or other type of follow up care.

Wellbeing Unit

The Wellbeing unit is located at 25 Third Street (above Wurli main clinic) and starts from a position of cultural sensitivity and respect to deliver individualised, holistic intervention, treatment and management services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People of the Katherine Region.

The unit also delivers community engagement and development activities that promote living socially and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

What to see us for

You can come and see us for support for the following:

  • Mental Health and Counselling Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing Services
  • Community education and information sessions
  • Assistance with resolving housing issues, understanding Centrelink payments and advocacy support.


StrongBala Justice Support Program

The StrongBala Justice Program aims to give Indigenous men regular access to culturally appropriate holistic health, justice and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) services as well as providing educational sessions through a Personal Development Program (PDP).  Referrals to internal and external health providers and other agencies are provided as required.

What to see us for

You can come and see us at 23 Third Street (downstairs) for support for the following:

  • Men’s issues
  • Family support
  • Good food advice/cooking
  • Breakfast and clothes washing facilities
  • Help in accessing other services, such as wellbeing, health and AOD services


Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Program

Wurli’s Alcohol & Other Drugs service provides a holistic and culturally competent drug and alcohol counselling service for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of the Katherine region.

AOD services are provided to assist in the reduction of the harmful impacts that Alcohol and other Drug misuse/ abuse has on other individuals and family safety, community well-being, as well as contributing towards the health outcomes for individual clients.

What to see us for

You can come and see us at 25 Third Street (above Wurli main clinic) for support for the following:

  • Drug and alcohol counselling for individuals, families and groups
  • AOD issues and resources
  • School visits and information sessions


Strong Indigenous Families (SIF)

Wurli’s Strong Indigenous Families (SIF) Program aims to address the behaviours that lead to family and domestic violence to improve the safety of women and their children.

Through the delivery of therapeutic services for children and case management services for the family, SIF works towards breaking the inter-generational cycle of family and domestic violence and the removal of children from families.

What to see us for

You can come and see us at 23 Third Street (upstairs) for support for the following:

  • Family safety planning
  • A range of therapeutic services and activities targeted at children and family units
  • Case management services including assistance with navigating services and advocacy support
  • Assistance with accessing emergency and crisis services
  • Community education and information


Katherine Individual Support Program (KISP)

The Katherine Individual Support Program (KISP) delivers case management and outreach services to people living rough in the Katherine community living areas and town camps.

The Program aims to improve health outcomes and increase the quality of life experienced by KISP clients. This program operates via an outreach model.

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