2020 Northern Territory Election

2020 NT Election Leaders Debate

2020 NT Election Asks

Aboriginal Justice

Fully fund and deliver Stage 1 & 2 of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement in the next term, including establishing an alternate custody model and reintroducing community courts.

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Children and Young People

In the next term, the NT Government to deliver a Single Act for children across the Northern Territory incorporating care, protection and justice.

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Climate Justice

Introduce a Climate Act in the next term that legislates a timetable and targets to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, mandates a whole of government strategy and establishes regional plans and requires consultation with Aboriginal communities.

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Cost of Living

In the next term, expand the eligibility criteria for the NT Concession Scheme to include people most in need, including people on JobSeeker and other people eligible for a Commonwealth Health Care Card.

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Domestic, Family & Sexual Violence

Maintain commitment to the 10 year Framework to reduce the impact of domestic, family and sexual violence and adequately fund and deliver Action Plan 2.

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